The dates listed for each entry are the dates when the photographs were taken, which are not necessarily the dates they were originally posted on this Website. The newest entries to be posted are listed at the top of this page.

Olander Park 2013.05.16
Early spring colours and fowl.

Wildwood 2012.10.16
Fall leafscapes.

University of Toledo 2012.08.06
Downtime on my old campus.

Toledo Botanical Garden 2012.06.25
Flora and fauna right at midsummer.

Toledo Botanical Garden 2010.05.19
Early spring colours.

Wildwood 2008.10.23
The colours of late fall, and some deer too.

Toledo Botanical Garden 2007.02.01
Sculpture studies in winter.

Swan Creek 2005.10.21
Beautiful colours of autumn under a gloomy sky.

Toledo Botanical Garden 2005.08.07
Taking some photos while waiting for Penny.

Wildwood 2003.11.23
Late fall, before the first snowfall.

Toledo Botanical Garden 2003.07.13
A tribute to my late grandmother.

University of Toledo 2002.10.27
Autumn on campus.

Wildwood 2002.05.22
Late spring in the meadows.

Wildwood 2002.02.24
Spring weather in mid-winter.

Wildwood 2001.10.15
More shots as autumn rolls into Toledo.

Wildwood 2001.10.02
Finally, a few shots with the digital camera just as the season changes.

Toledo Botanical Gardens 2001.09.02
A place this lovely and a camera this expensive, you know the photos have to be good.

Wildwood 2001.03.20
Floodplain Trail and Manor House with the new camera.

Wildwood 2001.03.16
March Snow on the Prairie Trail.

Wildwood 2000.12.05
A season later in Wildwood, before snow begins to blanket the wild.

Wildwood 2000.08.29
Come see one of the few good reasons I’m still in Toledo. Would you be eager to leave if you had this in your backyard?

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