Wildwood 2001.10.15


So as the house progresses to be rebuilt, it’s up to me to photograph everything the builders do. Shows you what I get for buying myself a camera. Anyway, I was over there again earlier today (and I still don’t know whether or not I want to share those photos online), and since I’ve been so down recently, I figured I needed another trip to Wildwood. Not only did I have the time thanks to being off of school today and tomorrow, but I also figured I could use the pick-me-up since I’ve been so down lately.

Again, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I thought I should share one little story. Back when I was younger, I tended to actually avoid the marked trails and go out on my own. So did a lot of other people, as there were several "informal" trails throughout the park as a result of all the tread. Unfortunately, this led to erosion on some areas, and so several years ago the park marked most of those trails as unusable and became more insistent that people stick to the marked trails.

There was one informal trail, though, that they decided to make a formal trail. The trail has no name, but it connects the Upland Woods and Floodplain Trail. I decided to take this path for some of those photos, so I’m not quite sure how far I walked today, but considering how much I walk on campus these days I’d say exercise isn’t that high a priority for me at Wildwood anymore.

Hopefully you can contrast these photos with the ones I took a couple of weeks ago to see how the colour is coming in. We’re still a ways away from peak season, but there’s some nice yellows and reds coming in that I hope I captured in these photos. I’m still waiting for the purples, though, they’re the best.

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