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I’ve heard it said that the most successful and interesting people in the world never decided what they wanted to be when they grew up. That may explain a lot about me.

Hi. I was born on 1976.03.18 in Sylvania, Ohio, a northern suburb of Toledo, where I’ve lived for pretty much all of my life so far. My father was a visual artist and architectural delineator — clients gave him blueprints of things they wanted to build, and he’d show them what they’d look like with ink drawings, paintings, and computer graphics — who worked for several firms in Toledo before starting his own in 1987, which he ran until his death in 2008. My mother was a housewife who became my father’s secretary once he started his own business (and did a bit of CAD work herself) and retired following his death and health complications.

After high school I spent a year at Antioch College as a music composition major, then began working for my father’s company, designing advertising and building websites. I also had my own private website design practice and worked on a number of websites involving professional wrestling during its boom period in the mid-late 1990s; I spent over a year writing for CBS Sportsline when it operated Wrestleline.com.

Following a number of personal changes I gave up my website design business and launched seanshannon.org (or “the .org”) on 2000.11.11, thenreturned to college at The University of Toledo┬áthe next year, where I earned my B.A. in Creative Writing and my M.A. in English Literature. While I was there my novella “Something Better” won the Dean’s Essay Prize in Creative Writing. I was President of Spectrum (the campus GLBT student group) and also made waves by attempting to form a student group for kinky students at the university (I am also a safer sex/safer kink educator and advocate).

Since graduation I’ve worked as a freelance writer and part-time English instructor, in addition to several writing projects. The manuscript for my first novel, The Prostitutes of Lake Wobegon, was shortlisted for the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize. I am working on getting the novel published soon, in addition to other pursuits.

Although much has changed about the .org since it was launched in 2000, I try to keep the site a unique place that will be of interest to many. It is my hope that the examples of my artistry up here, my blogs, and everything else I do online will entertain and enlighten. I cannot promise to succeed in those endeavours, but I promise to try.

My e-mail address is my first name at this domain. Thank you for reading. Take care and be well.

– Sean

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