Swan Creek 2005.10.21


The .org has been going for close to five years here, but of all the nine Metroparks in Northwest Ohio, I’ve only brought you photographs from Wildwood Preserve. (In all fairness, Wildwood is less than a mile from my house.) There’s another beautiful park just south of the University of Toledo, though, called Swan Creek Metropark, and earlier this week I went there and was amazed at the beautiful colours of autumn there. I went there the next day to take photographs, but was turned away by a pretty big rain shower. Friday I went back, and even though it was overcast and I wasn’t getting the colours I would have liked from my camera, I took shots anyway. (By the time we’re forecast for clear skies here, most of the leaves will have dropped.)

Despite the lack of sun, I really liked what I was able to get here, and I tried to work with the colours in my photographs. I still don’t think I have that good of an eye for composition, but any suggestions people would be willing to give me for that (*coughLARAcough*) would be greatly appreciated.

I didn’t see any swans at Swan Creek, but near the end of my walk I did see a few deer. I tried taking some photos of them, but they didn’t turn out well because my hands were shaking so much, making the photos all blurry. Insert sad face here.

I haven’t edited these photos down any, except to reduce them in size, rotate them (when necessary), and sharpen them after reduction. As always, if you want the originals (taken at 2048 × 1536 resolution), e-mail me at (my first name)@(my first name)(my last name).org.

Click on images for larger view.

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