Wildwood 2002.05.22


A couple of weeks ago I took the opportunity to make my first trip to Wildwood since moving back into the house. As I remarked earlier, it’s definitely odd to be driving to Wildwood after just walking over there for so many years of my life. Then again, I don’t exactly feel all that comfortable walking through my neighbourhood with my camera around my neck, and being able to put all the spare parts and batteries and stuff in the trunk of my car does make me feel more secure.

With the exception of the first photo and a few at the end from the Upland Woods Trail, everything taken here was from the Meadow Trail. I wanted to try to capture the feeling of late spring, when all the trees have a good coating of leaves, but not as full as they will be come July, and far-away shots passing through the meadows sounded like a good way of capturing it.

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