Toledo Botanical Garden 2001.09.02


I got my digital camera last month (an Olympus C3030 for those of you who care about such things), but I hadn’t really had the opportunity to take photos with it for the site. However, earlier today my sister asked me to take her to the Toledo Botanical Gardens, and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for me to test out the capability of my new camera. And if I do say so myself, the capability is pretty damn fantastic.

Toledo Botanical Gardens used to be known as Crosby Gardens; I’m not sure what led up to the name change. I have vague memories of going there when it was Crosby Gardens, but I had not visited there in a long time. Wildwood’s really more my style, simply because it isn’t so cultivated, but there’s no denying that Toledo Botanical Gardens is great in its own right.

Anyway, since identifying plants and stuff isn’t really my thing, I think I’ll just post the pictures here and let them speak for themselves. In other words, none of those long descriptions on the right-hand side of the pictures like you’re used to. Mostly I was just looking for the purty colours to test the camera with, but I also took some photos of the ducks by the river, as well the fish in there, some of the structures of the Gardens and anything else that caught my fancy. (My "sun shot" was a disaster, unfortunately, although there’s a gorge sun-reflection shot in here.)

After I took out all the photos that were outright unusable (either Heather was in them or there was something really wrong with the photo), I had fifty photos, but I thought that was too much so I dropped it down to thirty-four. If anyone’s interested in seeing the other photos (save the ones of Heather, of course), or seeing the full-size images (I took the photos at 1600 × 1200, then reduced them to 640 × 480 for here), just drop me a line and I’ll try to arrange a way to send the photos to you.

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