Wildwood 2012.10.16


Trying to time autumn photography to take maximum advantage of the colours of the season is always a crapshoot, especially when you’ve had abnormal weather like we’ve had all this year in Toledo. If you’re too early then you won’t get the richness and variety of colours that we all associate with autumn, but if you wait too long then the leaves fall to the ground and you’re left with the bare trees of winter minus the snow. Today felt a little early to go, but we’re due for a heavy rain in a couple of days that I fear will bring a lot of leaves down. I still captured a lot of gorgeous yellows and golds and some reds, and I got some good play with the sun. I’ve been going to Wildwood all my life — I’ll be doing a .musecast on Wildwood soon — and scenes like this are a good part of the reason why. (For Toledoans and others thinking of going to Wildwood, these photos were taken on the Upland Woods trail.)

I haven’t edited these photos down any, except to reduce them in size, rotate them (when necessary), and sharpen them after reduction. As always, if you want the originals (taken at 2048 × 1536 resolution), e-mail me at (my first name)@(myfirstname)(mylastname).org.

Click on images for larger view.


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