Authored by me:

50 Critical Thinking Exercises for Humanities Classes
An ebook for Humanities instructors containing a variety of exercises designed to help students practice and develop their critical thinking skills.

50 Critical Thinking Exercises for Humanities Classes 2
The sequel to the original 50 Critical Thinking Exercises for Humanities Classes, with fifty more exercises to help students learn critical thinking skills.

Books I’ve contributed to:

Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement
An anthology including my essay “When Your Rape Doesn’t Count,” about my experiences as a rape survivor.

Bodies of Words: Stories on Skin
An anthology of literary- and word-based tattoos, which includes a short essay and picture (both by me) of my Jane Austen-inspired “Bad Girl” tattoo.

Representing Kink: Fringe Sexuality and Textuality in Lierature, Digital Narrative, and Popular Culture
An anthology of essays on kink and broader culture, featuring my essay “It’s a (Bound and Gagged) Living: Sweet Gwendoline and the ‘Danger Girl’ Archetype,” about the influence of the 20th century fetish artist/publisher John Willie on mainstream culture.