Wildwood 2001.10.02


With the combination of the fire screwing up everyone’s schedules, me going back to college and everything else that happened this summer, I followed up what was probably my most Wildwood-intensive summer ever in 2000 by not going to Wildwood at all during the summer of 2001. This despite getting my brand new digital camera and finally having this Website to share my photography on.

I finally remedied that early this autumn by making a brief stop at Wildwood on the way back from the house, where I had taken my camera to help create a historical record of the house being torn down and rebuilt, now that that step of the process is finally happening. I didn’t have much time to shoot, and in truth I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere in public with such an expensive camera by my lonesome. But I managed to snap a few choice shots, and I wanted to share some of them with you all.

Last year I had intended on documenting the changing of colours at Wildwood in the autumn for L., but as I mentioned in my first Wildwood set here, I ended up bruising my feet pretty bad during a "scouting mission" and was unable to do so. I hope to do so this year, but owing to the radical shifts in temperature we’ve had over the past month in Toledo, that may prove difficult. Some trees are already threadbare although most are still green. These shots were taken just as the first shifts in colour were starting to take place.

For those of you who have followed my previous photographic work from Wildwood, the shots here are taken from both the Meadow Trail and the Floodplain Trail. Some of the landmarks should be recognizable from earlier shots.

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