.musecast Episode 8: Tech Envy


A trip to Best Buy to get a new UPS, combined with my needing to get a new cell phone and a tablet computer soon, have me thinking about tech stuff a lot now, so I figured I’d talk a bit about my history as a gadget geek and how I’ve really gotten away from that stuff in recent years, but I really need to be more aware of it because I need to know what sort of stuff my students are using.

[Season 1 of the .musecast is currently offline due to blip.tv shutting down. Episodes will be reposted when circumstances permit me to do so. – Sean]

Link list for Episode 8:
My University of Toledo photos from 2012.08.06
My Wildwood photos from 2012.10. 16 (which will be the subject of future editions of the .musecast)
The Google Nexus 7, the tablet I want to get myself (but I’ll wait until Google announces the new versions later this month, hard as that is right now)
My Amazon.com wishlist (I still need that Flip camera)

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