seanshannon.org musecast
This is my original webseries, launched in 2012 on blip.tv as a kind of personal diary, but it continues to evolve in ways that I can’t anticipate.

Season one is currently offline due to blip.tv shutting down.

2×01: ZDTV Squishy Cube
2×02: CDNow Stickers

Socratic Sense
My webseries exploring current events in teaching, as well as the intersection of education with politics and popular culture.

1×01: Five Habits of Highly Ineffective Teachers
1×02: Attendance and Late Policies
1×03: Teacher Tenure
1×04: Talking About Drugs with Your Students
1×05: Textbook Controversies
1×06: Transgender and Genderqueer Students
1×07: Fidget Spinners in Class
1×08: Quizzes and Tests