With all respect to Jim Leyland …


Sparky Anderson will always be my favourite manager of the Detroit Tigers. Happy 74th birthday, Sparky. On that note, let’s play the friday5.org Friday Five.

1. What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be rough?
I love it when I get to the classroom and can teach. The drive there, on the other hand, is bad enough because Michigan basically doesn’t believe in road maintenance. When you add snow to the mix, it just gets worse, and the strong winds that have been whipping through this part of the country lately have made it increasingly harder for me to keep in my lane as I drive through the farmlands just north of the state line. I’d say bad weather is as close to a sign I get of a bad day at work.

2. What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be terrific?
Even with as much as I enjoy teaching, I don’t know that I ever have "terrific" days. I have some pretty good ones, though, and when my students come up and talk to me about non-school stuff before or after class, I take it as a good sign that I’ve earned their trust and respect.

3. What’s a pretty good sign that you should probably eat out?
Must … avoid … double … entendre. Even if something goes horribly wrong with my planned meal for the evening (out of an ingredient, drop something on the floor), I’m far more likely to order in pizza than go out. I seriously can’t recall the last time I ate out on a whim; when I do it these days, it’s planned out well in advance.

4. What’s a pretty good sign that you’re going to spend more money than you should?
When I don’t make a list before I go out shopping. This trips me up every time.

5. What’s a pretty good sign that someone you’ve just met is going to be a pretty good friend?
When they don’t run away screaming in the first ten seconds of seeing me.

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