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The red of annoyance is a primary colour

It says something about this election campaign that the candidate I’m most appreciative of right now is Mitt Romney, as his withdrawl from the Republican nomination means I’ll only have about half as many candidate spots on my television to deal with leading up to Ohio’s primary next month. Ohio doesn’t look to be in play for Huckabee, and by the time Ohio rolls around I think Huckabee’s momentum will be completely drained so McCain won’t have any real need to buy more but a…

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Things that make you puke

I’d like to post a bit of a follow-up to a post earlier this month about a television commercial about workplace safety on Canadian television that features incredibly graphic images of a woman with her skin peeling off as the result of accidentally throwing hot oil all over herself. First of all, if you didn’t read the comments to the post, I found a copy of the commercial on YouTube later on, although before I link to it I just want to reiterate that this…

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Happy seventh birthday, seanshannon.org. I will have a .journal entry to commemorate the anniversary, but as has been the case so often these past few years, I’ve got to put off writing it until I get to Thanksgiving break and have some time to write it well (and also finish dealing with some personal stuff that’s kind of weighed me down here lately). On a mostly unrelated note, last night I think I came the closest to throwing up that I’ve been in several years.…

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