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It would figure that after getting back to a regular blogging schedule last month, I’d go nearly the entire month this month without posting anything. Given that I need to change to a new content system for the .org now that Blogger is ending FTP support (I’m assuming I’ll have to install WordPress, or rather bribe someone into installing it for me), this is doubly disturbing. My Spring Break started today, though — as usual in Toledo, with several inches of snow on the ground…

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Murphy’s Law

(Happy 42nd wedding anniversary to my parents today.) When my most recent order came in from Amazon, included in all the special offers that Amazon packs into everything was a deal on business cards. I’ve needed new business cards here for a while (I don’t get any from MCCC because I’m only an adjunct there), but I’d been kind of hesitant to go out and get new card stock from OfficeMax to use with my printer for some reason. In order to get the special…

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