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It’s all going away

Southwyck mall to close June 30 ( It’s amazing how every little detail of something like Dad’s death seemed to add just that much more pain to the ordeal. When I was young, Dad always took me out to a bunch of places on Saturday morning and afternoon, as soon as my morning cartoons ended. He called it "Adventures," and in retrospect he was probably doing Mom a favour by getting me out of the house for a while, but I probably did more bonding…

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From a distance

Some of my birthday gifts have still yet to arrive — including a couple of CDs I bought for myself — but among the things I got this past Tuesday were Gandhi’s autobiography (I don’t know how I didn’t pick it up sooner), Dr. Strangelove (ditto), an Oh My Goddess! manga (I am way behind on those), and most importantly of all, I am finally in possession of a Guitar Hero game, namely Guitar Hero III for PS2. However, not only have I had next…

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Please buy me stuff

With little more than forty-eight hours to go here before Black Friday and with the holiday shopping season more or less kicked off already, I figure it’s time to make my annual plea for you all to either buy me stuff or help me buy stuff for myself, particularly now that my student loan repayments are eating up so much of my money. As I’ve done every year since I launched the .org, I strongly request that those of you who plan to shop at…

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