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Still figuring this Google stuff out

When I first made Yggdrasil Mark I, I bought an IBM mouse that worked like a charm for a while. Eventually, though, the wheel became stuck, so I wound up buying a Microsoft mouse as a replacement that didn’t work so well. Not only does the pointer like to jump around the screen a lot, but about once every one hundred boots or so it just doesn’t respond at all and I have to reboot in order to get the mouse pointer to work. About…

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Out of it

I’ve been sick for close to two weeks now, and it’s only been in the past day or two that I’ve felt well enough to resume what I consider to be normal activities for me. It’s almost as if my body was trying to make up for how I didn’t have a serious illness for close to two years there, and shut down almost completely when this bug really hit. As it is I’m still not feeling well enough to resume exercise, and I continue…

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Will they listen now?

Reforms urged after MySpace hoax’s victim kills herself (AP via I’ve been following this story as it’s been developing for the past few days. This doesn’t exactly follow the pattern of behaviour I’ve been so interested in tracking recently, since the person who created the fake "Josh" account on MySpace was an adult (and a parent at that) rather than a fellow teenager, but what happened to Megan is certainly similar to what I’ve been warning could happen if this kind of Internet misanthropy,…

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