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The Silliness of Image

Although I’ve always had a fairly strong non-comfortist streak, for about a couple of years after I first started going to private school, I really worked hard at trying to fit in and gain acceptance with the “cool” crowd in my class. I begged and whined at my parents until they got me the $40 shirts everyone else was wearing to school, I refused to wear anything my parents bought from K-Mart (which was the family’s primary outfitter at the time), I got heavily into…

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Piles of piles

Several months ago, it was hard not to notice just how many piles of entertainment media I had in my room. These piles had started accumulating a little over a year ago as my time just got completely sapped up with finishing my MA, but even after graduating I noticed that the piles just kept getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t that I didn’t have free time, but I lacked the initiative to go through them for some reason. Granted, in some cases I was…

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