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Political junkie

As much as I’ve written in the past about how the media puts way too much focus on the Iowa caucuses, sure enough I’ve pretty much braced myself to watch MSNBC from right now until whenever I go to bed. (I’m getting too old to try to outlast the coverage, especially since the results will likely be nebulous into daybreak.) I guess I just like to fixate on the mechanics of things like this. I don’t watch college football, and I’m fairly uninterested in the…

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That blasted HuffPo rhetoric

Giuliani’s "Kucinich-Size" Crowds Disappoint In New Hampshire (NBC News via The Huffington Post, as usual, chose their own headline for the story, and much like the Drudge Report before them, they picked a headline that targeted the HuffPo base and framed the meat of the story in the best terms possible for their goals, mainly to assist the mainstream Democratic candidates towards next year’s Presidential elections. (Also note the unflattering photo of Giuliani they use in the story; as much as I dislike Giuliani,…

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