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Object Permanence

After one of the warmest winters in recent memory, trees are just now beginning to take leaf here in Toledo. That event is normally a happy one for me, as I can finally relax about the perils of winter driving, hang my heavy coat up and get ready for the most tolerable of all the seasons in this part of the country. (I’m still a summer child, but great googly moogly, have they been getting too hot around here lately.) This year, though, the reminder of…

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Let Me Tell You About My Mom

Two days ago my mother turned 66 years old.  I wish I could devote this blog merely to that fact, but present circumstances prevent me from doing so, and require me to focus on some of the less pleasant aspects of her current living situation. Mom, although certainly a strong and independent woman, always wished to be a homemaker.  After my sister was born in 1966, Mom gave herself over entirely to parenting and homemaking.  In my younger years Mom kept a small garden in…

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