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Who needs football?

Someone has yet to explain to me the allure I’ve found in the past two years’ Puppy Bowl broadcasts on Animal Planet. I’m not a dog person in the slightest, and I never watch Animal Planet any other time of the year. (We get enough animals coming around here to eat the food we leave out that I don’t need to go to television to get my fill of animals.) There’s something about the Puppy Bowl that just keeps me watching, though, and not just…

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The return of Hockeytown?

Only with the way the Red Wings have been playing this past decade could their record-setting first-half performance cause the league to barely bat an eye. Of course, the way these things seem to have gone in that time, they’ll probably get a good first-round scare and possibly be eliminated, and knowing my luck it’ll probably be the Blue Jackets who knock them out. Still, for all that the Red Wings kind of became the New York Yankees of hockey in the mid-90s by outspending…

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