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Getting back to normal

Getting back to my normal activities is probably one of the things I need to do here in order to get healthier, so I’ll do the Friday Five this week. A few weeks ago when I realized that I’d be doing a Friday Five on Leap Day, I kind of peaked ahead at Wikipedia’s listing for this day to see if there was much of anything I could pull for the usual historical opener. I found some stuff that I thought I might be able…

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Thank You

My family and I wish to extend our deepest thanks to those of you who have contacted us over the past five days with your sympathies and condolences. I wish I could say more about what happened to Dad, but at this point all I can really say is that he died at 1300 this past Saturday, and that we were told that the preliminary cause of death was believed to be an aneurysm in his stomach. As far as how we are doing, we…

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