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That blasted HuffPo rhetoric

Giuliani’s "Kucinich-Size" Crowds Disappoint In New Hampshire (NBC News via huffingtonpost.com) The Huffington Post, as usual, chose their own headline for the story, and much like the Drudge Report before them, they picked a headline that targeted the HuffPo base and framed the meat of the story in the best terms possible for their goals, mainly to assist the mainstream Democratic candidates towards next year’s Presidential elections. (Also note the unflattering photo of Giuliani they use in the story; as much as I dislike Giuliani,…

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The things that slide through the news these days

Poll: 70 percent of LGBTs support noninclusive ENDA (Planet Out via Yahoo! News) I don’t know what pisses me off more right now: the fact that there’s so little news coverage of Kucinich introducing Articles of Impeachment against Cheney, or that there’s so little news coverage of the machinations of the ENDA. For all the talk out there about this huge left-wing media conspiracy, the fact that the media is burying stories like these in favour of things like the President of France cozying up…

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