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Boxed In

The difficulties of eating well  on a budget in America are legion. I remember going to a grocery store a few years ago to buy a couple of good-sized red delicious apples, only to find that each of them cost over a dollar apiece. Working with college students like I do, I’m always mindful of the “ramen lifestyle” many of them fall into, and ever since theafternoon I bought those apples, I’ve always found myself making ramen-based calculations whenever I shop for produce, trying to…

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The Air Up Here

Mom was, by anyone’s standards, extremely devoted to those of us in her blood family. Although her parents were hoping that she could turn her musical talents into a full-time career when she was in her teenage years, that never really came to pass, especially after she became pregnant at nineteen. I can’t speak much to the first ten years she was a mother, because I hadn’t been born yet, but she often did everything she could, and usually more than she should have, to…

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Taking quality down a notch

Bam! Emeril Leaves Food Network ( I had heard a while ago that Emeril had planned to leave Food Network, or at least discontinue Emeril Live, and I’ve been pained to see Food Network begin to transition to Alton Brown as the "face" of the network. I haven’t watched Emeril regularly since before the fire, but back when I first got DirecTV in the late 90’s Emeril Live was probably the show I watched the most back then. Mom owns several of his cookbooks, and…

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