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Taking quality down a notch

Bam! Emeril Leaves Food Network ( I had heard a while ago that Emeril had planned to leave Food Network, or at least discontinue Emeril Live, and I’ve been pained to see Food Network begin to transition to Alton Brown as the "face" of the network. I haven’t watched Emeril regularly since before the fire, but back when I first got DirecTV in the late 90’s Emeril Live was probably the show I watched the most back then. Mom owns several of his cookbooks, and…

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Piles of piles

Several months ago, it was hard not to notice just how many piles of entertainment media I had in my room. These piles had started accumulating a little over a year ago as my time just got completely sapped up with finishing my MA, but even after graduating I noticed that the piles just kept getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t that I didn’t have free time, but I lacked the initiative to go through them for some reason. Granted, in some cases I was…

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Happy seventh birthday, I will have a .journal entry to commemorate the anniversary, but as has been the case so often these past few years, I’ve got to put off writing it until I get to Thanksgiving break and have some time to write it well (and also finish dealing with some personal stuff that’s kind of weighed me down here lately). On a mostly unrelated note, last night I think I came the closest to throwing up that I’ve been in several years.…

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