Socratic Sense 1×01: Five Habits of Highly Ineffective Teachers


Back in 2014 I started getting into video production for my part-time teaching job as I looked for ways to help the other faculty members connect with students. That led to me flirting with the idea of creating a web series about teaching, something that would help other teachers improve at their jobs while also connecting with students to let them know that some of us know what kind of bullshit they have to deal with. (In my case, one of the main reasons I became a teacher was just because I had so many horrible teachers growing up.)

It took me a while to get things put together, but I’m proud to announce the first episode of my new web series about teaching, Socratic Sense. This first episode is focused on five of the habits I’ve found that bad teachers fall into, whether by accident (because we all make mistakes) or deliberately (because a lot of teachers are fucking assholes … hey, someone has to say it).

Please join the discussion about teaching on social media using the hashtag #socraticsense, and hopefully this won’t be another flash in the pan for me.