.musecast Episode 12: Reading Confessions


I’ve made oblique references to book series outside of my normal reading preferences in my Twitter these past few months. I figured it was time to come out with what those series were, what I got out of them, and my problems with them. The things I do to help me market my novel …

[Season 1 of the .musecast is currently offline due to blip.tv shutting down. Episodes will be reposted when circumstances permit me to do so. – Sean]

Link list for Episode 12:
My Olander Park photos from 2013.05.16
My GoodReads profile
My Amazon.com wishlist (I still need that Flip camera)

2 thoughts on “.musecast Episode 12: Reading Confessions”

  1. I reckon that you don’t take requests but, given your unique qualifications, I hope some commentary on the Chelsea Manning saga is forthcoming.

  2. Joe: I’m gathering other public reactions right now to process, although I’ll probably end up writing more about the spate of YouTube-d anti-GLBT violence in Russia first.

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