Braving the Storm


I swear, if I had the money right now I’d hire someone to beat me about the head with a loaf of whole wheat bread if I go a week without updating the .org, let alone over a month.

Anyway, back in April I announced on my Twitter and Facebook that I was moving to Cleveland this summer, and that I’d post a .journal entry about the whole thing in May.  This is, in a way, the culmination of something I’d been working on since I finished my MA, albeit on-and-off in the months after Dad’s death.  The original plan didn’t actually turn out the way I’d hoped, but when it became evident that things might not work out like I’d hoped, I immediately began making alternate plans.  Opportunities had presented themselves to me, and I was in a position to take advantage of them, and as much as the thought of moving scared me — it still scares me, to be honest — it was something that needed to be done, if only for my own personal growth and development.

Unfortunately, instead of things falling into place like I’d hoped, they all fell right on top of my head.  Starting in March I began what is probably the worst string of bad luck I’ve had in my life, and it hasn’t significantly abated.  In addition to derailing a lot of my plans — not just related to moving, but also with my writing and other important aspects of my life — it’s also caused me some personal difficulties that I’ve been trying to work through with my friends.

Right now the plan is still for me to move to Cleveland as soon as it is feasible for me to do so.  Unfortunately, the path there isn’t as clear as it used to be, and as hard as I’ve tried to sort things out on my own — a large part of the reason I’ve been neglecting this site — a combination of inexperience and my lousy luck has me feeling like I’ve been trying to collapse a skyscraper by repeatedly banging my head against it.  I’m not giving up, though.  Some days it feels like the only thing I have left is hope, but I’m not letting go of that hope.

In the meantime I haven’t been paying that much attention to politics or much of anything else, so my apologies for not blogging here.  (Even when there’s been something for me to blog about, it’s been hard to get the time and energy to make a proper blog.)  I don’t know how much longer this present state of affairs will last, but I’m doing what I can to make things better.  They have to start getting better at some point.

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