Ten Years of the .org


It was a Saturday morning ten years ago when I first “switched on” the .org on server space I had bought ten days earlier.  At first the .org was little more than a new look and repurposing of personal Webspace I had with a dial-up account of mine (remember those?), but over the coming months I would keep adding sections to it, most notably this blog component that was originally hosted on Blogspot before I integrated it into the .org.  As part of the redesign of the .org I did earlier this year, I created a new history of the .org page that outlines not only the different steps of the evolution of the .org, but also links to archived versions of the .org from the Wayback Machine.  The design of the site may have changed radically over the years, but I’ve tried to preserve as much content as possible.

Unfortunately I am far too busy for the next few days to put my ten-year anniversary column out today; it’s something of a stretch for me to write this on a break from other tasks.  Still, this being such a huge day in the history of the .org, I felt I needed to at least make some mention of it here.  Please don’t post congratulatory messages; as much of a milestone this is, I’d rather you save your congratulations for some of the things I’ve been working on here.  I hope to have updates on those here soon.

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