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With little more than forty-eight hours to go here before Black Friday and with the holiday shopping season more or less kicked off already, I figure it’s time to make my annual plea for you all to either buy me stuff or help me buy stuff for myself, particularly now that my student loan repayments are eating up so much of my money. As I’ve done every year since I launched the .org, I strongly request that those of you who plan to shop at do so through my affiliate link (also below the Google ads on the .org’s pages) so that I get a small percentage of whatever you buy back in store credit. In addition, my wishlist (also in the right-hand bar on the .org’s pages) is full of stuff I’d really, really like, so if you’re feeling a little generous this season, please shoot something my way. I’m going to be nice and whiny about how I don’t have money to buy all this stuff for myself for the next few weeks, believe me.

That being said, I will have a bit of money in my pocket here later this week, and I’m not all that sure just how I will spend it. There is a small chance that I might wind up being one of the lucky people to pick up a Wii for eighty bucks thanks to’s “Customers Vote” promotion (check their homepage for details). I have to admit, I’ve said before that I wasn’t that interested in the Wii, but a lot of that had to do with the Wii’s price and the fact that it’s so difficult to get your hands on one, even all this time after the machine’s release. Now that I’ve started to think about getting one, though, I can kind of see myself paying full price for it at some point (read: once I have more money) somewhere down the line. See, if I’d just kept thinking that the current generation of video game systems wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t be thinking like this, but the moment I let myself think for even a second about getting a Wii signaled the point of no return. Now I’m probably going to keep thinking about getting a Wii here until I finally get one, whenever that may be.

There is one other possibility that might stop me from just placing another huge book order with Amazon. According to a post I saw on one of the bulletin boards I visit, Circuit City is going to be offering Guitar Hero II bundles on Black Friday for sixty bucks. Given my love of music and music games, I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t bought Guitar Hero sooner, although given the additional health benefits of playing DDR and ITG I don’t think I can be blamed for focusing on them. Again, the price was probably a bit of a barrier in terms of me starting to get into Guitar Hero sooner (I’ve played it in store displays and certainly enjoyed it), but for this price, and given that I don’t feel a particular need to get Guitar Hero III (since it’ll probably take me a while to get really good anyway), but if I can pick up a bundle for sixty bucks, I think it’ll be worth it for me. Then again, do I really want to go out for any reason, let alone shopping, on Black Friday? I’ll have to think about that these next couple of days.

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