On this day in 1888 …


Adolph Marx was born, later legally Arthur Marx because he disliked the name Adolph. However, it was under his stage name of Harpo Marx he would become best known, as the always silent, usually lecherous, harp virtuoso of the Marx Brothers. While Chico’s piano-playing captivated me as a child because of the tricks he did with his fingers while he played, Harpo’s musical moments always touched me the deepest because they so totally broke from the ne’er-do-well characters he played throughout the rest of the movies, and were always elegant and beautiful. After that, though, it was usually right back to chasing after the young women in the films. On that note, let’s play the friday5.org Friday Five.

1. If a really, really good photographer — the kind who always makes you look good and still look like you — were to take your photo right now, what would be a good title for it?
Such a photographer simply does not exist, but for the purpose of this exercise, let’s say "Despondent."

2. If that photo were so good it belonged on the cover of a magazine, what would be a good choice, based on where you are and what you’re doing?
Bloggers don’t have magazines; we publish what we do online. Seriously, I haven’t done anything of interest today, so I have no idea how to answer this question.

3. If you took an interesting or aesthetically pleasing photo of something in your view right now, what might it be, and what would its title be?
The lightpole on the highway in our backyward just above my LCD right now, and for a title let’s go with "Why it’s so hard to see the stars at night."

4. Among people you know, who seems to have a knack for taking great shots of people?
Given that my family is more inclined to take shots at people than take shots of them … yeah. I’ll go with Lara here; her DeviantArt has a number of lovely photos on it if you’re interested.

5. Are you usually happier with candid photos of you, or photos you’ve posed for?
I’m happier when there are no photos taken of me at all, thank you very much. (I will sometimes consent to have my photo taken if it serves a larger purpose, e.g. when I was in all those stories in UT’s newspaper a couple of years ago, but otherwise I’m very camera-shy.)

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