Out of it


I’ve been sick for close to two weeks now, and it’s only been in the past day or two that I’ve felt well enough to resume what I consider to be normal activities for me. It’s almost as if my body was trying to make up for how I didn’t have a serious illness for close to two years there, and shut down almost completely when this bug really hit. As it is I’m still not feeling well enough to resume exercise, and I continue to use television as a way to distract myself for how lousy I feel (thankfully there was a MythBusters marathon earlier today), but I’m no longer feeling like I was earlier when I basically had to save up my energy so I could tend to work stuff, then come back here and basically collapse either in front of my computer or, more likely, on top of my bed.

It’s amazing just how out of it I continue to feel right now. I’ve kind of been taking things easy so that I didn’t tire myself out with other things, but now I feel kind of disconnected from the world around me. For example, I haven’t been following the news that closely for a couple of weeks, and I don’t even have my Google Sidebar on my computer now because it was hurting my head trying to keep up with all the information on it. I recognize that this is a natural response to being sick, and that in the long run this is probably a healthy thing for me to be doing, but at the same time we’re getting very close to the first primaries for the "big two" parties and I don’t feel all that informed as to what’s going on here. Just from the cursory glances I’ve gotten of the news lately, it looks like Ron Paul’s come out of nowhere in terms of coverage devoted to his campaign, and once again Dennis Kucinich is getting the short end of the straw. Without being able to delve deeper into the news, though, I don’t feel like I can make a good blog post about the campaign, so I’ll probably need to take an afternoon here after Christmas just to get caught up on the news.

I also haven’t been on instant messenger that much lately, when I’d been doing such a good job of making myself available on it once I downloaded Trillian and got it installed. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big issue for me, but a couple of my friends seem to have been going through some tough times recently and it kind of stinks that I haven’t been around to help them. I suppose it would help if I were better about talking on the phone, but I haven’t had a landline connection in my room since we got our cable modem, and I only really use my cell phone for emergencies and business purposes. I’m kind of an insulated person to start with, but this cold just made things ten times worse for me in that regard, and just like with the news, now I find myself needing to catch up on stuff with my small circle of friends that I missed these past couple of weeks.

There have been some other important developments in my life here, but I’ll get to those in another post; right now I must play catch-up with yet other things. Gee, I thought things would slow down once I was on vacation here. Silly me.

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