Linus Torvalds turns 38 today


Seriously, what is with all the people who make the computer operating systems of our time remaining so freakishly young-looking well into middle age? Steve Jobs seems to be the only one who doesn’t seem to mind showing some beard stubble and a little grey in his hair. Dick Clark has nothing on these guys. Anyway, let’s play the Friday Five!

1. What is an acronym specific to your workplace or profession?
SCF: Students Come First. Okay, it’s not exactly canon, but I don’t have the time to come up with a stronger acronym right now.

2. What is an acronym you use a lot in your personal life?
WTF. (I also tend to use FTW a lot, but in its pre-"for the win" usage. Yeah hi, it’s been over seven years, why are you still reading this?)

3. Internet acronyms are unavoidable, but what’s one you particularly despise, and what’s one you particularly like?
I dislike BTW because spelling "by the way" out really doesn’t take that much time. I guess WTF is the only one I actually like, mainly because it enables me to drop an f-bomb without actually having to spell it out.

4. What acronym could you create right now for some regular annoyance in your life?
IHBS: I Hate Being Sick.

5. What would be a memorable or appetizing acronym for your most recent meal?
My last meal was pizza, so there’s absolutely no opportunities for making an acronym there. Cheese pizza would be CP, and that acronym is already in use for another big part of my life.

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