So the Wings just locked up second place in the West, which will at least mean there’s no chance they’ll lose to the Avalanche in the second round like they have the past two years. No, this year we can’t lose until the third round. Sigh. I have no idea what to expect in the playoffs, just because there are so many dominant teams right now that nobody can make a qualified call.

I know this is the time of year that everyone’s glued to the NCAA basketball championships, but nobody cares about the NHL playoffs, which is a shame because right now the NHL playoffs are probably the most competitive in all the four major sports. Hockey will never be that big in the States outside of the northeast, I know, but it would still be nice.

But as far as the Wings go, I think their Stanley Cup chances went out the window, ironically enough on my birthday, when we lost Darren McCarty until the playoffs. McCarty’s the heart and soul of the team, and if he’s not at 100% for the playoffs then we’re susceptible to any good team, and like I said those playoffs are packed. I don’t think they’ll have a problem getting past the first round, but starting with the second round it’s going to be a dogfight and I honestly can’t see the Wings getting all the way to the Finals this year. Oh well, at least the Tigers start up on Tuesday, so I’ll have something else to watch.

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