Should have bought an Auld Lang Syne ringtone


Last night was the first time I can ever remember being under a winter storm warning during the changeover from year to year. In the end we only got some snow out of it, which melted before a new front dumped a few more inches on us this evening, but for a while there I was pondering what might happen if we were to lose power as midnight approached. I soon realized that the best way we’d have to monitor the switch to 2008 would be to use the clock and built-in light on my cell phone. Hardly the most elaborate of ceremonies, but then again if we lost power at midnight in the dead of winter, I’m guessing that marking the changing of years would be one of our least pressing problems. What really freaked me out, though, was that a few hours before midnight, as the storm approached, a lot of our neighbours decided to light off their fireworks then and there so as to avoid the snow later. At first I thought we might be having a thundersnow what with the sound and the sky lighting up like it was, but then I finally realized what was going on. There were still a fair number of fireworks going off at midnight, though, even with a fair amount of snow falling from the ground.

What was oddest about last night, though, was that my sister and brother-in-law retreated to their new apartment a few hours before midnight. With all of their heavy stuff moved over there, I guess it only made sense for them to start using the apartment as their home base, but perhaps I assumed they’d stay with us for the ball drop and then head back to their place. It has definitely been odd today adjusting to the two of them not being here, and more importantly their stuff not being here. I’m relishing being able to reclaim some space in this house for my own stuff — the two of them had pretty much commandeered the loft in addition to their own bedroom — but even with the two of them having come to visit twice today (and pick up a few leftover things), the house has a weird ghost-town quality to it now. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m trying to readjust to other things as well today, such as getting back on my diet after finally vanquishing that blasted virus. Today has had kind of a surreal tone to it, and I still don’t think that deep down I realize all that has changed in this house in just the past forty-eight hours.

I’ve only got ten days left here before I teach again, and only now am I really able to use this time as I would have liked to have used it at the start. Between all the cleaning I’ve been doing out in the loft and a lack of sleep from last night, though, I haven’t exactly been in top form today. I don’t want to say that I feel like the bug caused me to waste my vacation, but at the same time I definitely feel a need to make up for lost time here. I may have to make an early night of tonight just so I can catch up on my sleep, and hope that I can really make the most of every minute of tomorrow. I never like doing that, but it’s all I can do to keep from falling asleep as I type here right now, and my bed is looking awfully inviting, too. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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