Happy 90th birthday, Ernie Harwell


Although I’ll still think of George Kell and Al Kaline’s WDIV broadcasts when I think of the Tigers of my youth, there is no question that Ernie Harwell will always be the voice of the Tigers. Although he "retired" several years ago, he still pops in to do colour commentary on the odd game for Fox Sports Net Detroit, and famously gave advice to current play-by-play commentator Mario Impemba on how to call a no-hitter just a couple of weeks before Justin Verlander threw his no-no last season. Happy birthday, Ernie, and may your voice continue to grace Tigers broadcasts for many years to come. On that note, let’s play the friday5.org Friday Five.

1. What was the last important thing you were late for?
I always show up to things a half-hour before I’m supposed to. That being said, I was late to one of my first comp classes at MCCC last semester because I tried taking an alternate route and wound up stopped by two trains in succession.

2. What was the last important thing you were late with?
Again with my first MCCC class last year, I returned one of their papers very very late because I had some family stuff come up that drove me to too much distraction.

3. What (or who!) is the most frequent cause of your lateness?
Bad luck. Given how punctual I strive to be, there’s really no room for procrastination on my part.

4. Which of your close friends or relatives can you expect almost always to be inconveniently late?
My sister. I really don’t want to say anything more than that.

5. What’s most likely to cause you to stay up too late before bed?
If I said it, every response I’d get to this entry would have "TMI" somewhere in it. Figure it out.

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