No coincidence who I picked to lead tonight


It was on this day in 1587 that Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed for suspicion of being involved in the plot to kill her sister, Queen Elizabeth I. Somehow I don’t think it went quite like the BBC radio broadcast penned by Monty Python, but it’s nice to think about. On that note, let’s play the Friday Five before it gets to be Saturday here.

1. When did you last use graphing paper?
I might have used some in high school algebra or trigonometry or even precalculus, but my last clear memory of using it is in eighth grade science. Funnily enough, my folks had bought me a bulk pack of graphing paper pads, and some of them are still on top of the bookshelf behind me as I write here.

2. When did you last use a highlighter?
When I was finishing up my MA thesis and highlighting bits of articles I’d photocopied. I’ve never been one for writing or highlighting in my books since I’m fussy like that, but when it comes to photocopies, I’ll write or highlight however much I please.

3. When did you last cover a book?
Sixth grade, and only because it was required then. I try to save the paper covers of all the hardcover books I buy, though, even though most people I know pitch them out.

4. When did you last wear an apron or smock?
Third grade art class; when I started going to private school in the fourth grade, there were no smocks. (I only have bad memories of my art teachers at that school.) I could use an apron when I’m baking, though, given the messes I tend to make.

5. When did you last use glue?
If super glue counts, a few months ago to mend a figurine of mine. If this is meant to be Elmer’s Glue, possibly eighth grade art class, maybe earlier than that.

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