I probably shouldn’t be talking about hockey now


Somehow the news of Richard Zednik getting his carotid artery cut by a teammate’s skate blade passed me by for a little while. After I heard about it, video of the incident surfaced in the "now playing" part of the YouTube homepage, and the first time I watched it, for a little while there I think I was as close to throwing up as I’d been in several years. I couldn’t see any blood in the early part of the footage, though, and then later when I saw the footage on television I didn’t see any blood there either. Still, something in me just gets sick whenever I know I’m about to see something like that, even if I know ahead of time that I won’t be seeing lots and lots of blood. As much as I like to read horror novels, I strongly dislike watching horror films, and similarly I just don’t think I have the stomach for those kinds of things in real life. Even knowing that Zednik is fine now, knowing how close he came to losing his life there just makes me want to never see that footage again, as much as everyone has been playing it over and over this past week.

I’m writing this post now so I don’t have to keep watching the Red Wings lose yet another game here. (Why did they have to start the losing streak right when they start selling out the Joe again?) Even with the salary cap in place, I still think that the Wings are going to feel a strong temptation to try to spend their way to another cup by bringing more veterans in, and even though they’ve given away so many of their young talent and still remained a strong team, I don’t like Wings’ management’s fetish with older players. The Wings need to get toughter, and I can only hope that Darren McCarty scoring a hat trick in Grand Rapids a few days ago means that he might get called back up soon. Part of me wants to think that the Red Wings might deliberately be dogging it right now just to try to get McCarty back up sooner, but I know that they wouldn’t actually do something like that. I could handle this losing streak a little better if I knew that McCarty would be coming back soon, but right now it’s gotten to the point where I may actually skip watching Monday’s game when I’ve been putting a lot of effort into catching as many Wings games as possible this season.

Given that pitchers and catchers reported to spring training last week, maybe it’s time to think more about the Tigers here. As much as I would prefer to go see a Red Wings game over a Tigers game, I’d be more likely to go see a Tigers game due to a variety of circumstances. The main problem I have with going to either a Red Wings or a Tigers game right now is that I don’t have anyone to come to a game with me, and I’d really prefer not to go to a game by myself. My schedule is so unbelievably packed with work and other pursuits right now that I just don’t have any time to socialize, and things won’t get better in that regard any time soon. I don’t even think I’m going to have that much time for myself over spring break, and I’ve applied to teach over the summer as well. The worst part is that I know that I could probably make time to socialize if I put some effort into it, but given my lack of luck in that regard in recent years, I’m kind of afraid to put myself on the line like that. I need to get over that soon, though, because it’s just not been healthy for me.

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