Steel City birthdays


Two of them on this day, in fact, both going back to the Steelers’ glory days of the seventies. Franco Harris was born on this day in 1950, Lynn Swann on this day in 1952. This is particularly important to me right now because Harris was one of two men (William Shatner, of all people, being the other) Mom had a crush on when I was growing up. Mom says that there’s no way she’ll ever remarry, but seeing Harris’ name pop up on Wikipedia today made me think. On that note, let’s play the Friday Five.

1. What is your keyring like?
It’s got two separate rings, one for car keys and one for other keys. The car key ring is getting particularly weak, and I have to keep pushing it back into a ring every week or so or else keys start falling off of it. I also have discount cards for three grocers on my keyring, although one is for a chain that isn’t even in Toledo any longer (Farmer Jack).

2. What is your purse/bag/briefcase like?
My purse is at once incredibly well-ordered because I like knowing where things are, and incredibly dingy inside because it needs a desperate cleaning. It’s a Powerpuff Girls purse I picked up at Meijer at least eight years ago or so, and it’s held up well after all this time. I really don’t want to get a new purse unless I absolutely have to.

3. What is your wallet like?
My billfold is, again, very organized but also in need of a cleaning. I probably do need to get a new billfold soon just because I’ve run out of storage space for all my discount cards and such.

4. What is your mousepad like?
Very old and dirty; about a decade ago I bought one of the plain black ones that comes with a gel rest on the bottom for your wrist, and my gel rest has flaked away so much at this point that I had to cover it in duct tape to stop it from flaking away more. I need to get new gel rests for both my keyboard and my mousepad at this point.

5. What are the curtains in your bedroom like?
I don’t have anything on the window in my bedroom because Dad never got around to installing blinds on the windows for either my room or the loft. At this point I’d rather not have them, though, because I use the window ledge to store too many important things (including my whiteboard and my cell phone).

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