Light Above the Trees


Last year I don’t think I handled the earlier switch to Daylight Savings Time all that well. It definitely messed with my internal clock to have things so light out later at night than I was used to, even though at the time I really didn’t have any regular commitments because I was still just looking for employment. I definitely enjoyed the extra daylight — even though I’m definitely a night person, after a certain point the winter just becomes total drudgery to get through — but for a couple of weeks there things didn’t feel right. When the old switch day came, though, I didn’t feel any ill effects then; by then I think I’d adjusted to the time change and the date change.

This year I didn’t really have any difficulty at all making the adjustment. Granted, Dad dying a couple of weeks before the switch probably caused me to put my focus on other things, and that Sunday was also the last Sunday of my so-called Spring Break, but it finally felt right. In a way I guess I was almost looking forward to the change, because with everything that had gone on I felt like I needed more daylight to help get through each day. I’ve never really thought about the possibility that I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder because I always assumed my annual autumn depression was caused by the season triggering memories of my year at Antioch and how part of me still longs to go back there, but perhaps it is just the general weather that’s affecting my mood. (Then again, given how I’m still grieving for Dad, maybe this isn’t a good time to be making judgments about anything else that could be affecting my overall emotional state.)

Speaking of Antioch, they let my personal data get compromised. (Even though I stopped attending by the start of the data that was breached, my application to Antioch University Los Angeles’ MFA in creative writing in 2004 means that my stuff was there for the taking.) I haven’t seen or heard of any suspicious activity so far, but needless to say I’m concerned since I haven’t had an experience like this before. Is there anything I need to be doing right now to make sure that I don’t get slammed from this?

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