As much as I’m trying to save money for my upcoming computer, I thought that I owed myself a present for getting straight A’s another semester. So after a bit of looking around town, I picked up Phantasy Star Collection at long last. Now I don’t have to worry if the batteries in my old cartridges go on the fritz now, although I’m guessing that I’ll still play them for nostalgia’s sake; I bought the collection just so I could play PS on the road (something I can’t do yet with classic Final Fantasy titles, hint hint).

It’s still kind of odd, though, to be playing classic Sega games on a Nintendo system. This isn’t the first time I’ve done so; back in the 8-bit days, Tengen released a number of Sega games of the time, such as After Burner and Alien Syndrome, on the NES (without Nintendo’s precious seal of approval, of course), but since I haven’t bought any post-console Sega games until now, I guess the reality of Sega getting out of the hardware business and developing for their old rivals’ systems never hit me until now. Odd, that.

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