Report of a hard day’s shopping (that didn’t set me back much money thanks to sales, two-for-one specials, coupons and the like) …

From Media Play: a SharkPort for Playstation 2 so I can finally dump my memory cards off. Anyone interested in downloading my RPG Maker 2 games (when RPG Maker 2 finally comes out …), be sure to get a Sharkport yourself.

From Toys ‘R Us: Magix Music Maker for Playstation 2 (too limited for my tastes) and Darkstone for PSOne (haven’t played yet, only got it because it was free w/Music Maker).

From Best Buy: a mouse for the computer I’m building (in black, baby), and Sigur Ros’ () which is absolutely freaking brilliant — I should have listened to the people on the Bj√∂rk mailing lists I’m on earlier.

From a local computer dealer: a black keyboard for my next computer. (The keyboard is branded “LiteOn”, but it’s got a Compaq “Q” on one of the HotKeys above the regular keys.)

No wonder I needed a nap shortly after I got home, huh?

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