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Buried in Tape

In 1997 I used my tax refund to get satellite television.  Although I was much more of a television-watcher back then, the one primary reason I wanted to get satellite television when I did was so I could catch a documentary on Björk that was going to air on Bravo, which my local cable company didn’t carry back then.  Back when we were closer to having 500 cable channels than the 5,000 or so we have today, a documentary on Björk airing in the United…

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Everything in its proper place

This past weekend I picked up a CD/DVD rack from Best Buy. Mind you, I haven’t exactly been buying that many CDs or DVDs (or even video games) lately, but I have bought so many books that I needed to repurpose one of my DVD towers for books. I put the storage rack together over the weekend, and it was a huge hassle because the directions weren’t all that clear; I had to put several of the supports on three different times before I got…

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Piles of piles

Several months ago, it was hard not to notice just how many piles of entertainment media I had in my room. These piles had started accumulating a little over a year ago as my time just got completely sapped up with finishing my MA, but even after graduating I noticed that the piles just kept getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t that I didn’t have free time, but I lacked the initiative to go through them for some reason. Granted, in some cases I was…

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